From Denmark: Our Favourite Danish Frames


It has come to our attention that we are building quite the collection of Danish designed optical frames - and why wouldn’t we? The Danes are known for crafting beautiful frames. Boasting clean lines, simple designs, proving time and time again to be functional and comfortable - there’s plenty to like about these glasses.

We’ve listed some of our favourite Danish frames, and just for fun, we’ve thrown in some fun facts about our Danish friends.

Danish Fun Fact #1: No place in Denmark is more than 30 miles (50 km) from the sea.


Lindberg frames have been following the traditions of Danish design, providing frames of discreet, classic elegance for years. Their frames are light weight, made from materials; titanium, acetate, gold and platinum. Their frames are also customisable, with the option to mix and match colours and materials.

Danish Fun Fact #2: Lego was created in Denmark. The name is an abbreviation of two Danish words - leg godt, which translates to “play well”

Lindberg rimless frames

Lindberg rimless frames


Kilgaard produce some of our classiest eyewear - simplistic in design, but still at the forefront in style. Solid matte colours mixed with contemporary design, Kilsgaard stay true to their nordic roots.

Danish Fun Fact #3: Lars Ulrich, the drummer of heavy metal band Metallica, was born in Denmark.



You’ve probably noticed an ongoing theme with these Danish brands. Inspired by the culture surrounding them, Danish designs embody minimalism, clean lines, and elegance, making them a standout in eyewear design. Orgreen are no exception. With each frame individually crafted with an accute eye for detail.

Danish Fun Fact #4: The Danish alphabet has three letters not found in the English alphabet: Æ, Ø, Å. All three are vowels and come after the letter Z in the alphabet.

Skivvies and Orgreen glasses seem to make a good match.

Skivvies and Orgreen glasses seem to make a good match.


We’ve talked a bit about Nine frames in a previous blog post that you can find here. These extremely light frames (all of their frames weigh around 9 grams - hence the name) are the perfect balance of form and function.

Danish Fun Fact #5: Danes love their food. They are the fifth largest exporter of food in the world, despite their small population.


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