5 Eyewear Brands To Look Out For In 2019


2018 has been a busy year for us when it comes to finding new frames - travelling from Sydney to Paris to check out the latest eyewear trends. We’ve picked a few of our newest brands to check out, spanning a range of styles and price ranges.

Price Range: $$$


What’s in a name? The Danish designers create ultra light frames, each pair weighing in at just about 9 grams (hence their name). Funnily enough though, they’ve brought out even lighter frames; their ‘nine five’ range weighing less than 5 grams! Made from titanium, not only are they light, but they’re incredibly durable as well.

The comfort of the light frames compliments their hand crafted designs, resulting in beautiful frames that strike a balance between form and functionality.


Price Range: $$


Established in 1990, Modo takes inspiration from the cities which surround them - New York, Milan, and Stockholm. The combination of slim silhouettes, innovative materials, and simple construction, delivers a sophisticated, clean look.

For the conscious consumer, Modo are at the forefront of eyewear sustainability! Modo’s ECO biobased frames are made from 63% castor seed, making them sustainable as well as lightweight. Their ECO recycled collection are made from 95% recycled materials. What’s more, Modo plant a tree for every frame bought! If that wasn’t enough, Modo runs the ‘Buy a frame - Help a child see’ initiative - a program that provides early detection and intervention for those in need. We couldn’t love this brand more!


Price Range: $$$


Masunaga have been crafting frames for a very long time - with meticulous detail put into the design and production, and now the brand has collaborated with Japanese-French fashion designer Kenzo Takada, to create a range of beautifully designed frames. Their clever use of mixed materials and textures makes for elegant, unique frames. If you’re someone that loves attention to detail, you’ll be sure to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of these frames.


Price Range: $$


The Belgian designers have managed to find the balance between keeping ahead of trends (think geometric shapes, double bridges), whilst adding a touch of originality. The result are some very funky frames - great for someone wanting to keep up with the latest looks, but also for someone looking for something a little quirky.


Price Range: $


Korean brand Ironic Iconic has been around since 2013, and with a focus on appealing to the ‘ordinary’ person, they create frames to suit a persons daily routine. They are made for comfort, and designed to suit any occasion. Don’t think for a second that this means the frames are boring - think fresh, clean lines. These affordable frames are a good choice for someone looking for a stylish, minimalist look.